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Due to the characteristics of the activities, close contact between the professional and the client is unavoidable, so respiratory and hand hygiene will be extreme. We will use personal protective equipment, masks and gloves, to ensure the protection of the therapist as well as the customer.

Handwashing always:

- Before treatment

- After the risk of contact with body fluids

- After the treatment

- After touching the surfaces around the customer

The professional will guarantee the client all the safety measures required by the legislation in force to counteract the spread of the virus (procedures related to hand hygiene and environmental disinfection, disposable gloves, mask).

The professional will put on the self-protection equipment before entering the home in front of the client. Afterwards, the mask should be removed outside.

It is advisable that the customer picks up his hair, removes his earrings, rings, watches, or bracelets.

The clothes, towels, sheets used by our therapists are washed with hot water between 60 and 90 degrees centigrade.

Disposable or reusable sheets will be used for the massage tables after being washed in hot water. Maximum hygiene is guaranteed by disinfecting the massage tables, surfaces and material used after each customer, following the usual desinfection procedure.

The customer must remove his shoes before sitting or lying down on the massage table.

Check the customer's temperature to rule out symptoms associated with COVID-19.

In case of cough, respiratory disorders, fever higher than 37.5 Cº, or flu symptoms, the service will not be performed.

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